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Paid Content: 100 different bundles - a few Top Tweets

Paid Content: 100 different bundles - a few Top Tweets

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The story of 2013 - findinf the right content revenue model

Our paid content panel with Bild, NYTimes, Republic Media, FAZ and Group L'Equipe was the standout session at Digital Media Europe 2013 in London.

Paul Smurl, Vice President, at our highly popular Paid Content session during #DME13

In terms of paid content, the New York Times has definitely been there, got the t-shirt, and made a successful business from that t-shirt. But first they tried a lot of different t-shirts.


Their success with paid digital content has helped level out their circulation and publishers (and press) were waving their smartphones and tablets in the air to catch this photo.


It's often forgotten how many registered users they had before the pay wall was introduced, and these are now the target audience for a range of targeted bundles and offers. 


 At Axel Springer's Bild, its another story. They are in pre-launch phase for a freemium model, most likely using their recent purchase of Bundesliga highlights.



At least Bild will not be playing copy cat like US publishers who leapt on the metered model at an early stage - perhaps because the Press+ technology made it so temptingly easy. Raju Narisetti was following the debate in his new role high in the echelons of WSJ and NewsCorp.



Press+ rivals Piano Media were quick to spot the big story.


And if you're wondering why there are not more tweets above for Brooke at Republic Media and Thomas at FAZ - that's because you can download their video interviews and tweet yourself!


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2013-04-23 16:22

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