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Vietnam Media Partnership

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WAN-IFRA aims to build the professional, managerial and technical capacity of the Vietnamese media by providing support, strategic guidance and best-practice advice for the Vietnam Journalists' Association's existing media training center (VJTC). The training centre itself will be developed by bringing in external, international expertise and know-how in order to improve the quality of training being offered to Vietnam's media professionals. The Vietnamese press has undergone a phase of change and limited liberalisation over the past 20 years, with the government allowing the media a level of self-determination that encourages the introduction of more pluralistic journalism and new forms of revenue generation. At the same time, there has been a significant change in audience behaviour with the emergence of new ways of consuming news.



Media Professionals Programme Launched in Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam

WAN-IFRA has launched a new Media Professionals Programme for South East Asia, a groundbreaking leadership initiative to help mid-level media managers advance their careers and contribute to the growth of strong media enterprises in their countries.

WAN-IFRA Brings Media Training Success to Vietnam

WAN-IFRA has organised its first ever conference in Vietnam, with more than 140 Vietnamese media leaders gathered in Hanoi this week for a look at business strategies from a wide variety of markets world-wide.

WAN-IFRA and Vietnam Journalists Association Launch Media Convergence Project

Vietnamese media managers today begin the country's first training course on how to set up converged multimedia content newsrooms to produce news for multiple devices.


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