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ANF July/Aug 2012

ANF July/Aug 2012

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Star Publications

Shooting Higher

The media business is a numbers game. In the digital era, where the frontiers between old and new media are blurring, only large combined audiences can secure healthy revenues - while one-product companies are bound to die. With that philosophy in mind, Vincent Lee is implementing a radical culture change at Star Publications, converting the old and prosperous single-newspaper publisher into a fully-fledged global multimedia company.

India Special Edition 2012

Introducing the 20th Annual Conference, 26-27 September 2012, Pune. WAN-IFRA India 2012.


Young readers are our future

The WAN-IFRA Asia-Pacific Young Reader Summit 2012 drew this year newspaper publishers and other news media executives from 25 countries to Bangkok on July 10 and 11. Top World Young Reader Prizes were also awarded in Thailand to publications from India, Malaysia or the Philippines.

i next: Reinventing the newspaper's role

Huashang Digital orders first Commander press in China

Huashang Digital, a media enterprise in Xian, northwest China, placed an order for a KBA Commander heatset press line engineered for the Berliner format. It will be the first of its kind in China and only the second in Asia. Management opted for this particular press type in order to maintain its present rapid growth rate.

Wenzhou Daily opts for Ferag

Star upgrades Goss presses with Q.I Press Control

Goss appoints new CEO

ppi Media pushes for India

ppi Media appoints new representative for India and joins forces with alfa Media for an integrated ad workflow, from the ad booking system to production, on the India market.

WSJ test digital print with TKS

Massive losses for Fairfax Media

Struggling Australian media giant Fairfax on Thursday said its full-year losses ballooned to Aus$2.73 billion (US$2.87 billion), driven by huge write-downs as part of its restructuring plans.

Net profit 35% down for SCMP

EURO 2012 benefits Media Prima

The News they are a-changing

On a recent trip to Asia, Emmanuel Hoog, President of Agence France-Presse (AFP), analysed the challenges that news agencies are facing in the digital era and explained how AFP is evolving in order to remain relevant.

Myanmar ends censorship

Myanmar said on August 20 it had abolished media censorship in the latest in a series of rapid democratic reforms, delighting journalists who lived for decades under the shadow of the censors' marker pen.

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